Copyright in Canada is an Uphill Battle

In the fall of 2022 we added my husband's original underwater and nature land photography to our shop in the form of canvases and art cards. You will see his turtle print on our home page. We thought this would be a great addition to the shop and help raise funds for the sanctuaries and raise awareness of the underwater animals.  

The greatest obstacle has been copyright infringement. We are constantly battling other businesses taking my husband's photos and using them for commercial purposes on their site or even in print!! These could easily be obtained legally by buying a license to use on the web or for a print copy. The illegal print copies are of poor quality due to the resolution.

Copyright needs to be enforced in order to stop unauthorized usage. The cost of hiring a lawyer can exceed what can be recovered in damages. The cost of going to court is even more but sometimes may be necessary. This is so wrong. USA copyright laws are so much more in favour of the artist as it should be. We really wish this would change in Canada. 

Please see Diver Trek for additional photos that are available. Please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your support.

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