About Us

I am Cindy Rogers @8coolcats (yes 8 cats!!) along with 10 chickens and 2 dogs on IG. I also work as a Registered Nurse in Ontario, Canada. I am very passionate about animals and wanted to fundraise for two charities that my family regularly supports. We also currently sponsor a hen named Harriet at A Home for Hooves.

Mia and I were offered to become a brand ambassador for an IG jewelry shop with a huge following that never sent our free jewelry and instead pocketed the shipping!! But there is a happy ending, and I eventually got our money back through our credit card company. I have had other companies offer us wholesale prices and then their customer reviews were very poor. And of course those brand ambassador offers that you have to buy the product or just get a small discount to promote their product. I kept telling myself that I wanted a shop that I could trust and gives back. I do not want others to deal with shady companies we have met along the way.

"Jewelry With a Purpose" and more....

So I took the plunge and decided to start my own animal inspired jewelry shop. And "Jewelry With a Purpose' was born.  I combined my passions of both animals and scuba diving to have a store with unique jewelry.  This has since expanded to include my husband's original photography, clothing we design and print and vegan chocolate.

Being an independent store gives me the freedom to carry a variety of lines and look for both quality and price for you. This is a win win for both you and my two favourite animal sanctuaries - Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary (USA) and A Home for Hooves (Canada).

25% of all net sales will go to these two charities. Our store operates independently of these two charities.