Why Buy Jewelry From 8 Cool Cats Jewelry Shop?

Our goal is to get you the best quality and price on your jewelry pieces especially given the rising cost of inflation.  Many of our competitors inflate their prices and will advertise FREE shipping but is it really free? No it is simply embedded in the price. And when you order multiple items you are paying for shipping in each item.  You only pay for shipping once and it is exactly what I pay.  The Larimar Dolphin Pendant that we sell is $45 and then $14 to add a sterling silver chain.  I have found a slightly larger version at another company for $249 USD!! You work hard for your money just as I do and I want to be able to give back to the animal sanctuaries and ensure you get good value for your hard earned money. Our prices are all in CAD so our American friends pay 20-25% less with the exchange rate. Buy jewelry and rescue an animal.  A win win.
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