Piglets in a farm yard

Why I Support Animal Sanctuaries

I have loved animals all of my life.  At one point I considered becoming a vet. We had cats growing up and I now have cats, dogs and chickens in my life. In 2018 I was reading the newspaper and noticed to my shock and disbelief that a rescued pot belly pig had been eaten by their adoptive owners. Molly's owners boasted on FB about how she had become unruly so they butchered her and ate her. How could this even have happened. She had been rescued by the BC SPCA and nurse back to health only to end up on a dinner plate. I made a post on my @8coolcats IG page and Michelle @homeforhooves in BC reached out to comment as her sanctuary happens to be in BC where this tragically happened and Tracy @lovingfarmanimalsanctuary helped me to understand that animals beyond our pets truly matter. Imagine if this had been a cat or dog? Molly's plight never left me and then learning about animal sanctuaries changed how I thought about all animals.  What can I do to help? Support animal sanctuaries that advocate and support all animals. Consider going meatless once a week, vegetarian or even better vegan. So many great choices that now make it even easier. Do you love all animals enough to leave them off your plate? Molly's Story





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